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World War II 

Ranger History 

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World War II 

Ranger History (cont'd)

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Home: Introduction to website and World War II Rangers



1st Btn: Brief history of the 1st Ranger Battalion with excerpt from Ranger Bing Evans, 1/3


Timeline: World War II timeline with significant Ranger events added in blue lettering as the 60th Anniversaries of each event passes

Obituaries:Ranger Roll Call. If you have an obituary to add, please contact us Contact Us


2nd Btn: Brief history of the 2nd Ranger Battalion written by Ranger Henry A. Zyrkowski, 2A


Sixty Years Ago: Follow the Ranger history month by month as we document the events as they happened on each 60th Anniversary

Message to RBA: Message from former Ranger Battalions Association (RBA)  President, Ranger Bing Evans


  • Camp Shanks: History and Memorial to U.S. embarkation point of  2nd Battalion Rangers 

  • June 1942: Activation of the 1st Ranger Battalion at Carrickfergus, N. Ireland

Message to Members: Message from David Williams, President Descendants of WW II Rangers.

3rd Btn: Brief history of the 3rd Ranger Battalion written by Carl Harrison Lehmann, 1/3

  • Aug 1942: Operation Jubilee, the allied invasion of Dieppe, France

The Descendants of WWII Rangers Information: Brief history, goals, purpose, and activities of the new organization,  to perpetuate their great legacy...

4th Btn: Brief history of the 4th Ranger Battalion written by Ranger Donald S. Frederick, 1/4

Military Records: Detailed information on how to obtain Military Records  


5th Btn: Brief history of the 5th Ranger Battalion written by Ranger John C. Raaen Jr. 5

  • Nov 1942: Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa

Select A-Nets: - from the National Ranger Memorial Foundation (NRMF)

6th Btn: Brief history of the 6th Ranger Battalion written by Ranger Leo Strausbaugh 6

Darby Award Index: Sons & Daughters, Descendants, and Friends recipients of the Darby Award

WWII RHOF:  WWII Rangers in the Ranger Hall of Fame

  • Feb 1943:  North Africa, Sened Station Raid, Tunisian Campaign





Btn Credits: A documentation of the accomplishments, awards,  activation and deactvation of each battalion


  Honors Flag: A photo and 
  documentation of the significance of
  the Ranger Battle Honors Flag



Below Memorials: Monuments and events commemorating Rangers globally

Photo Gallery: Contains photos submitted by family, friends, and Rangers. Rangers are listed alphabetically with links to their  own individual pages

  • Normandy: Services held at Normandy on D-day 2003


  • Weymouth: Ranger Plaque dedicated in Weymouth England 2003



  • Achnacarry: Photos and commentary from an S&D who paid a visit July 2003