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Ranger History appears in blue



Germany annexes Czechoslovakia. Italy annexes Albania. Italy and Germany agree an alliance.


August 23

Germany and USSR sign non-aggression pact.


August 25

Britain, France and Poland agree an alliance.


September 1

Germany invades Poland.


September 3

Britain and France declare war on Germany.

World War II started on September 3, 1939, two days after Adolf Hitler had sent troops to invade Poland. Both Britain and France protested and when Hitler refused to withdraw, the two declared war on Germany. The war was fought between the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allies (Britain and the countries of the Commonwealth, France, the United States and the Soviet Union).


September 17

USSR invades Poland.


November 30

Soviet Union invades Finland



Battle of the River Plate, South America, is first real battle of the war.



March 10

USSR takes Finland at end of Soviet-Finnish war and Finland cedes territory. Germany submarines attack British merchant ships.


April 9

Germany invades and occupies Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


May 2

Allies withdraw from central Norway


May 10

Germany invades Holland, Belgium and Luxemborg; Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain


May 12

Germany invades France


May 14

Dutch army surrenders to Germany


May 20

German army reaches English Channel


May 26-June 4

Evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk


May 28

Belgium surrenders to Germany


June 9

Norway signs armistice with Germany


June 10

Italy declares war on Britain and France


June 11

Italy invades France


June 14

Fall of Paris


June 15

Soviet Union begins occupation of Lithuania. Latvia, and Estonia


June 22

France signs armistice with Axis powers


July 2

British Navy bombards French fleet at Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria


July 10

Battle of Britain opens with first major dogfight over English Channel


July 25

U.S. places embargo on strategic material to Japan


August 5

Italy invades British Somalia


September 13

Italy invades Egypt


September 15

London heavily blitzed during climax of Battle of Britain


September 22

Vichy France agrees to Japanese air bases and troops to Indonesia


September 27

Japan joins Axis alliance


October 7

German troops enter Rumania


October 28

Italy invades Greece



Italy tries to invade Greece. Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia join Axis powers.


November 5

Roosevelt reelected


November 11

British smash Italian fleet at Taranto


November 14

German blitz of Coventry


November 20

Hungary joins Axis Alliance; Romania follows two days later


December 9

British troops begin to drive the Italians out of Egypt



January 19

British invade Eritrea


February 7

Italians decisively defeated at Beda Fomm in Libya. Allies capture 113,000 Italian soldiers in North Africa. German forces arrive to replace them.


February 8

Germany and Bulgaria sign military pact


March 11

U.S. Lend Lease Bill becomes law; U.S. starts supplying war materials to Britain and allies


March 16

British launch counteroffensive against Italian forces in Somaliland, and enter Ethiopia


March 24

Rommel commences first offensive in Libya


March 25

Yugoslavia joins Axis alliance


March 26

Yugoslav government overthrown by pro-Allied regime


March 28

British inflict further losses on Italian fleet off Cape Matapan



Yugoslavia and Greece fall to Germany



German invasion of USSR begins


December 7

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Four battleships were destroyed and 3,300 people killed. The US declares war on Japan. Italy and Germany declare war on the US. 


US enters World War II, following Japanís attack on Pearl Harbor.



Japan invades Malaya and Hong Kong.




Singapore falls to the Japanese; 90,000 British and Commonwealth troops are taken prisoner.



Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) fall to the Japanese.



Japan had taken control of all of Southeast Asia including Burma, Singapore, the Philippines, and New Guinea, and threatened the north coast of Australia.


June 19

1st Ranger Battalion activated at Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland



US victory at the battle of Guadalcanal finally ends Japanese expansion. In the Soviet Union the battle of Stalingrad begins.


August 19

Dieppe Raid, France, 50 Rangers participated in this, their first combat experience. August 19, 1942. Rangers Lt. Joseph H. Randall and 2nd Lt Edward V. Loustalot KIA at Dieppe, first US soldiers killed in the European Theater of WW II.


September 3

Entire 1st Ranger Battalion was moved  to Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. Met Father Basil there, who was with the British Commandos. Rangers later moved on to Glasglow.



In North Africa, Allies defeat Axis forces at the battle of El Alamein, Egypt. Darby requests Father Basil go into Africa with the Rangers, permission granted by UK.  


November 8

Operation Torch. 1st Ranger Battalion executes first operation as an independent unit in the US Army when they secure the town of Arzew and open the way for troops waiting offshore. The battalion was divided to accomplish the taking of the port of Arzew and the securing of gun batteries outside of town. Rangers scaled the rocky cliffs to secure the batteries while others entered the port in LCA landing crafts. This action initiated the securing of ports and land masses in North Africa from which the Allies would later launch attacks on Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany.



Rangers held and remained down the beach of the Mediteranean from Arzew. Here they trained and anticipated their next mission.




January 1943

1st Rangers prepared for a night landing on an island off Sicily. Due to storms, the mission was aborted as the amphibious transports would have been unable to land on the beaches of the island.



1st Rangers raid Sened Station and initiate the Tunisian Campaign.

By February 19, they had reached Kasserine Pass.

The battle of Stalingrad ends in defeat for the Germans.

   Ranger lost on this day

Elmer W. Garrison 1 Bn 12 Feb 43




1st Rangers in North Africa, Gafsa and El Guettar



1 Apr 43, 2nd Ranger Battalion activated

   Ranger lost on this day

Jennings B. Coomer 1 Bn 12 Apr 43




Axis troops in North Africa surrender.1st Rangers have proven themselves in the successes in North Africa in Arzew, Sened, and Djebel el Ank, with major actions at St. Cloud, Kasserine, and El Guettar. Their successes precipitated the activation of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 25 May 1943.



And also the activation of the 4th Ranger Battalion, 8 June 1943. Rangers of the newly formed 3rd and 4th Ranger Battalions in training under the 1st Bn at Nemours, North Africa. 

  Ranger lost on this day

James J. Reid 1Bn 29 Jun 43



Allied troops invade Sicily. Mussoliniís government is overthrown and Italy declares war on Germany.


July 10, 1943

Rangers from the 1st, 3rd and 4th Battalions invade Sicily. Around midnight they began loading into assault boats which circled the mother ships until the time to form up. Sometime around 2:30-3:00 am, the boats formed into assault waves and headed into the beach. Not all of them made it.


The 1st and 4th Bns attacked at Gela and fought for their lives for two days against odds which would have overwhelmed an ordinary infantry unit. Ranger casualties were heavy, but the mission was accomplished.


The 3rd Bn attacked at Licata, where they encountered heavy fighting before the battle in Sicily was finally over. This was the first combat for the 3rd and 4th Bns, though much of their cadre were battle hardened veterans from the Original 1st Bn.


Ranger lost on this day

Bennett, Edward 4Bn 10 Jul 43
Brady, Sherald P. 4Bn 10 Jul 43
Johnson, Jack W. 1Bn 10 Jul 43
Mabe, William R. Jr. 1Bn 10 Jul 43
Marty, Joeph M. 4Bn 10 Jul 43
Mathias, Donald W. 1Bn 10 Jul 43
McCarthy, John P. 4Bn 10 Jul 43
Swavely, William E.1Bn 10 Jul 43
Webster, James S. 1Bn 10 Jul 43
Whyman, Frederick C. 1Bn 10 Jul 43


21 July 43, 5th Ranger Battalion activated





13 Aug

  Rangers lost on this day

Burgess, Kenneth D. 4Bn 13 Aug 43




   Ranger lost on this day

Lumnah, Oscar P. 4Bn 12 Sep 43
Polich, Joseph 4Bn 12 Sep 43
Bryant, Robert L. 4Bn 15 Sep 43
Surratt, Robert C. 1Bn 15 Sep 43
Greene, Leonard L. 4Bn 16 Sep 43
Grimes, Edward J. 3Bn 16 Sep 43
Sullivan, Thomas S. 3Bn 16 Sep 43
Johnson, John J. 1Bn 18 Sep 43
Rowley, Chester L. 1Bn 18 Sep 43
Bledsoe, Robert A. 4Bn 21 Sep 43
Morgan, Robert F. 3Bn 25 Sep 43
Twilley, Jack 4Bn 26 Sep 43
Carl R. Bunde 1Bn 30 Sep 43



   Rangers lost on this day

Knox, John K. 3Bn 23 Oct 43




   Rangers lost on this day


Allum, Albert M. 4Bn 4 Nov 43
Henselman, Chester H. 4Bn 04 Nov 43
Strange, Len A. 4Bn 04 Nov 43
Wallis, Vernon W. 4Bn 04 Nov 43
Bob L. Lowell 1Bn 10 Nov 43
Ford, Richard M. 3Bn 11 Nov 43
Card, Earl E. 4Bn 12 Nov 43
Kidder, Wallace E. 1Bn 12 Nov 43
Richard, Jude J. 4Bn 12 Nov 43
Trowbridge, Warfield E. 4Bn 13 Nov 43
Hofmeister, William 4Bn 16 Nov 43
Junior F. Miller 4 Bn 18 Nov 43
Bednarski, Isadore 1Bn 21 Nov 43
Tryon, William S. 1Bn 22 Nov 43
Willette, Mathew R. 1Bn 22 Nov 43
Canfield, William H.4Bn 25 Nov 43
McMahon, John J. Jr.1Bn 25 Nov 43
Clarke, William E. 1Bn 27 Nov 43
Davies. Robert C. 3Bn 30 Nov 43
Deckrow, Orville 3Bn 30 Nov 43
Donohue, Raymond P.1Bn 30 Nov 43
Foreshaw, Dwight 3Bn 30 Nov 43
Lemay, Normand R. 3Bn 30 Nov 43
Lonnes, Edward W. 1Bn 30 Nov 43
Williams, Ernest M. 3Bn 30 Nov 43




   Ranger lost on this day


Brandon, James T. 3Bn 6 Dec 43
Johnson, Russell W. 3Bn 09 Dec 43
Parish, Earl D. 3Bn 09 Dec 43
McTeigue, Patrick G. 3Bn 11 Dec 43
Bohannon, Roy 3Bn 12 Dec 43
Brock, Vernon L. 1Bn 12 Dec 43





   Ranger lost on this day

Albert H. Phillips 3Bn 26 Jan 44
Hood, Carl R. 4Bn 22Jan 44
Bates, Thomas B. 4Bn 22 Jan 44
Bordash, Andrew A. 4Bn 24 Jan 44
Witmer, Eutene J.4Bn 24 Jan 44
Allen, Troy 1Bn 26 Jan 44
Sausen, William L. 3Bn 28 Jan 44
Bell, Thomas F. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Brown, William S. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Burke, John J. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Colbert, Paul E. 1Bn 30 Jan 44
Kunkle, Ronald L. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Lafler, Julius F. 1Bn 30 Jan 44
Lingenfelter, Irvin R. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Long, George W. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Murphy, Robert F. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Nunnaly, George O. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Santarelli, George A. 1Bn 30 Jan 44
Skarberg, Charles F. 1Bn 30 Jan 44
Taylor, William E. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Zielinski, Herman A. 4Bn 30 Jan 44
Lamandre, Dominick 4Bn 31 Jan 44
Cummins, Clifford P. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
De Franco, Philip 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Dusseau, Robert A. 1Bn 30 Jan 44
Engle, Walter L. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Gangnath, Phillip H. 3Bn 30 Jan 44
Hendrickson, Robert S. 3Bn 30 Jan 44



   Ranger lost on this day

Fusiara, John F. 1Bn 01 Feb 44
Puskar, Edward 4Bn 21 Feb 44
LoPresto, Vitor R. 4Bn 25 Feb 44





   Ranger lost on this day

Wayrynen, Wayne M. 4Bn 03 Mar 44
Dahlke, John J. 4Bn 07 Mar 44
McNeale, Kenneth A. 4Bn 11 Mar 44
Eger, William 1Bn 27 Mar 44






June 6

Allied forces land in Normandy, France, to start invasion of Europe. This invasion was know as Operation Overlord.

   Rangers lost on this day

Elmo Banning 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Volney E. Beekler 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
John Biddle 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Howard Bowens 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Ranger Robert M. Brice 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Harold Clendenin 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
John Clifton 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Raymond Cole 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Ranger Robert L. Dailey 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
John Dolinsky 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
James Donahue 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
William J. Fox 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Dominick Gallo 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Howard Gardner 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Henry S. Golas 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
David Goudey 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
John Gourley 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
John Henwood 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
James A Kane 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Leslie Irvin 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Charles E. Ketterling 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
James Machan 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
William McWhirter 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
William Myers 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Fred Plumee 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Joseph Rafferty 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Robert Raymond 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
William F. Reilly 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Rolland Revels 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Charles Rich 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Frederick D. Smith 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Edward L. Sowa 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Robert Stein 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Stephen Szerecz 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Chester Tarlano 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Joseph Trainor 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Michael Vetovich 2 Bn 06 Jun 44
Nickolas Wassil 5 Bn 06 Jun 44
Raymond Wilhelm 5Bn 06 Jun 44
Ranger E.G. Colvard Jr. 2Bn 07 June 44
Lawrence M. Johnson 2 Bn 07 Jun 44
Matthew Morse 5 Bn 07 Jun 44
Robert Steinen 5 Bn 08 Jun 44




An unsuccessful attempt to kill Hitler is made.

   Ranger lost on this day

Robert Page 2 Bn 02 Jul 44




15 Aug 44, 1st Ranger Battalion inactivated

15 Aug 44, 3rd Ranger Battalion inactivated

   Rangers lost on this day

Alfred Haluska 2 Bn 01 Aug 44
Constantine Anagnos 2 Bn 21 Aug 44
Seymour Goldman 2 Bn 21 Aug 44
Robert Meltzer 2 Bn 21 Aug 44
Edward MacKinnon 2 Bn 26 Aug 44
Joseph Flanagan 2 Bn 31 Aug 44
Joseph Trout 2 Bn 31 Aug 44




26 Sept 44, 6th Ranger Battalion activated

   Rangers lost on this day

Lewis Henderson 5 Bn 01 Sep 44
James Carawan 5 Bn 02 Sep 44
Ezra Kauffman 5 Bn 02 Sep 44
Harvie Powell 5 Bn 02 Sep 44
David Usyk 5 Bn 02 Sep 44
Raymond Hubert 2 Bn 02 Sep 44
Edison Crull 2 Bn 03 Sep 44
Walter Lukovsky 2 Bn 03 Sep 44
Lawrence Madore Bn 04 Sep 44
Harold Snook 5 Bn 04 Sep 44
Albin Zima 5 Bn 04 Sep 44
Robert McCullagh 2 Bn 06 Sep 44
Clark Baker 5 Bn 07 Sep 44
Joe Messuri 5 Bn 07 Sep 44
Nelson Robin 2 Bn 07 Sep 44
Richard Gilmore 5 Bn 09 Sep 44
Rex Loe 5 Bn 11 Sep 44
John Manifold 5 Bn 14 Sep 44




Allies invade Philippines.

4th Ranger Battalion inactivated

   Ranger lost on this day

Zufall, Darwin C. 6/D 17 Oct 44



   Ranger lost on this day

Leroy Rogers 2D 15 Nov 44
Robert Fewell 2D 17 Nov 44
Julius Remmers Jr. 2A 24 Nov 44
Keith Bragg 2B 27 Nov 44




Start of battle of the Bulge, last German offensive.

   Rangers lost on this day

Hoesli Labhart 5 Bn 02 Dec 44
Edward Neuman 5 Bn 02 Dec 44
Frank Lewis 2D 02 Dec 44
Thomas Filmer 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Willie Moody 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Paul Pelkey 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Leo Samborowski 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Gerard Seidel 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Nick Sychak 5 Bn 03 Dec 44
Leroy G. Adams 2 Bn 07 Dec 44
Halvor Black 2Hq 07 Dec 44
Leo Ouellette 2Hq 07 Dec 44
Lawrence Holloway 2C 08 Dec 44
Daniel Paskill 5 Bn 09 Dec 44
Raymond Ferguson 2A 21 Dec 44





6th Bn conducts Raid on Cabanatuan Japanese POW camp and with the help of Alamo Scouts and Filipino Guerillas successfully executed the greatest rescue mission in American history. This event was later made into the movie, The Great Raid. The following Rangers gave their lives in this mission that saved the lives of 500 survivors of the Bataan Death March held captive at Cabanatuan.

   Rangers lost on this day

Bailey, Leon 6/A 10 Jan 45
Sweezy, Roy F. 6/C 30 Jan 45
Fischer, James C. 6/Hq/B 31 Jan 45




At the Yalta Conference, Allies agree to divide Germany into four zones after the war.

   Rangers lost on this day

Hubert Racette 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
Lawrence Briscoe 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
John Gibbons 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
Stanley Kijanka 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
J. Lloyd Posey 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
John Tomaso 5 Bn 19 Feb 45
Edward Mapes 5 Bn 23 Feb 45
Francis Dufour 5 Bn 23 Feb 45
Earl Moynihan 5 Bn 23 Feb 45
John R. Gilbert 5 Bn 24 Feb 45
Jesse M. Niblack 3Bn 25 Feb 45
Elwood Knight 5 Bn 25 Feb 45
Jesse M. Niblack 25 Feb 45
William Davis 5 Bn 26 Feb 45
Charles Waterman 1Bn 27 Feb 45
Ted Walters 5 Bn 27 Feb 45
Alban Switay 5 Bn 28 Feb 45
Carl Ward 5 Bn  28 Feb 45
Charles Willerton Jr. 5 Bn 28 Feb 45
Henry Dobeck 5 Bn 28 Feb 45
Russel Gaughey 5 Bn 28 Feb 45
Adolph Ravitz 5 Bn 28 Feb 45
Wallace Wheeler 5 Bn 28 Feb 45




US captures Iwo Jima.

   Rangers lost on this day

Richard Johnson 5 Bn 01 Mar 45
Ernest Stoneburg 5 Bn 01 Mar 45
Joseph Vickers 5 Bn 01 Mar 45
Arthur Pitts 5 Bn 01 Mar 45
Peter Bubanovich 2C 02 Mar 45
Irvin Germain 5 Bn 03 Mar 45
Joseph Miela 5 Bn 04 Mar 45




Adolf Hitler takes his life

   Rangers lost on this day

Leroy A. Kraft 1Bn 13 Apr 45
John W. Rose 3Bn 13 Apr 45




Soviet troops enter Berlin. Germany surrenders.

   Ranger lost on this day

Virgil H. Wood 1Bn 18 May 45




US forces capture Okinawa.

   Ranger lost on this day

Bernard Rogers 5 Bn 06 Jun 45




Division of Germany agreed at Potsdam Conference.



Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrenders. World War II ends with Japanese surrender. 



United Nations formed.

22 Oct 45, 5th Ranger Battalion inactivated

23 Oct 45, 2nd  Ranger Battalion inactivated



30 Dec 45, 6th Ranger Battalion inactivated