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Rangers Who Led the Way

Alphabetical index of Ranger Photos
Elite soldiers who arrived by land or sea... 

All photos are the personal property of Rangers & Family members

We thank them for sharing these precious memories with the Ranger Family!

Do you have a photo, biography, or something special you'd like to see posted here?


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Alexander, Harold 5
  Anderson, Jack and Wm 2  
Arimond, William 13
  Bachleda, Anton 2E  
Bailey, Emmett 1RFHQ/FSSF
  Barker, Jack Alonzo 1Hq  
  Barker, Ken 2  
  Branley, Michael 2  
  Cain, Joseph 1/RFHQ, FSSF  
  Cain, William  1/RFHQ, FSSF  
  Canfield, William 4  
  Choate, Charles Ronald 1B  
  Cbntn POW - Cook, John (not a Ranger)  
  Cook, Lester 14  
  Crandall, Claude 14  
  Crocker, Edward 6A  
  Davis, Arnold 1  
  Deck, Henry C. 5  
  Defoe, Luvern "Ben" 3B  
  Dix, Cecil 3E  
  Dorman, Elwood 5 D  
  Dye, Noel, 1F, 4F  
  Earnest, Roy 1  
  Ferguson, Delbert  2A  
  Ferrier, Edgar 3B  
  Fleser, Theodore 1/D FSSF Individual biography  
  Fleser, Theodore 1/D FSSF With group  
  Gabaree, James 5th Bn  
  Gary, Robert P 2A  
  Grafton, Thomas 14  
  Haines, Owen 1/RFHQ, 4, FSSF  
  Harlow, Robert 14  
  Harris, James F.  
  Hawkins, George 1/C 4/Hq  
  Herring, Thomas 5/C  
  Hill, John E. 1/B  
  Houseman Triplets 3/B  
  Hudnell, James 2  
  Jackson, Maurice 2  
  Ketchens, William  1/RFHQ, FSSF  
  Kipetzhny, Stanley 4  
  Kness, Lester 14 RHOF  
  Knudson, Dean 1  
  Kopanda, George 1 3  
  Lawson, Ellis 2D  
  Lyle, James B. 1  
  Maichen, Robert 6  
  Markham, Kenneth 3   
  Mays, Ewing W.  1 & 3   
  Mercuriali, Gino 1  
  Miller,J.Austin 1F  
  Minchin,Brooks P. 1  
  Monash, Harold 4/E & FSSF  
  Mucci, Henry  6th Bn Commander  
  Myers, William 2  
  Mynhier, Raymond 1Hq  
  Petersen, Henry (Pete) 1/3  
  Place, Kenneth 1  
  Raaen, John C 5HQ  
  Red, Doy 5/D  
  Reeve, James O. RFHQ  
  Rogers, G.C. 1  
  Sack, Herman F.  
  Sanders, Albert 4/FSSF  
  Sanders, Owen 4/FSSF  
  Shippy, Zane 1/4  
  Shippy, Zane 4  
  Shirley, George 2  
  Smitch, Jordan 5D  
  Steele, Frank A. 1 4 FSSF  
  Styles, Clarence 5  
  Sullivan, Thomas 1 3  
  Taylor, Lee J. 2  
  Toler, Bill 5  
  Tollefson, Ray - 2A  
  Vance, James Jr. 4/D  
  White, John W. 2  
  Wilking, Robert 4